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Dental damage can occur in a lot of ways. Even though we often think of oral accidents and injuries such as blunt trauma to the face, tooth hazards such as microscopic damage and slow decay are often much more likely to happen to your teeth and gums. For this reason, it is always important to exercise caution with your dietary choices and any food and drinks selections you have chosen. Even if you think the food is completely safe to consume, it is a good idea to understand the basics associated with any products that you may place in your mouth.

Opening stuff with your teeth is one of the easiest ways to destroy your smile. Although you may be tempted to open bottle caps or plastic packaging with your teeth because you have no other tools handy, you need to exercise restraint. Oral health can be diminished in a moment due to an oral accident from tooth loss. Never try to open anything with your teeth as they are not designed for this task.

Tooth hazards in the form of the foods we eat in the drinks we drink are very prominent. This is because numerous substances and products are designed to damage your smile. Not only are they extreme oral health risks, but they’re also often unhealthy for your body as well. Avoid products that are heavily laden with sugar, such as sports drinks, fruit juice, and soda, as well as starchy foods such as potato chips. This is because your body can take these substances and convert them into harmful acids.

Constantly snacking throughout the day is a severe tooth hazard risk because it puts your teeth in danger by making them susceptible to further dental damage. Not only are foods and drinks more prone to damage in your teeth because more time occurs from which they are on your teeth and gums, but your mouth tends to produce less saliva if it’s overworked. Avoid snacking throughout the day and instead, stick to large meals only. However, if you must be snacking, avoid sugary and starchy foods and sick to healthy snacks such as carrot sticks.

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