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Stained tooth enamel can easily turn your smile a dull shade of yellow. The depth of the stains will directly influence the whitening methods advocated by Dr. Tom G. Schleicher.

Brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste or applying whitening strips to your smile can be a popular and convenient way of brightening minor surface stains. Unfortunately, the mild concentration of hydrogen peroxide whitening agents these products use aren’t potent enough to improve significant dental stains.

At-home dental bleaching gels employ stronger concentrations of whitening agents than whitening toothpaste or strips. To use them, you pour a small amount of the whitening gel into the provided tray and then will hold it in your mouth for a set amount of time.

Teeth suffering from more significant and deep stains will need a dental bleaching treatment at Thomas G. Schleicher, DDS PLC. The professional techniques and potent whitening agents Dr. Tom G. Schleicher uses are the safest, most effective way to whiten your smile.

With your white smile fully restored, you might then want to rethink some of your food and beverage choices. Using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips might also help remove future surface stains before they have a chance to saturate your tooth enamel.

If you live in the Colonial Heights, Virginia, area and you’ve struggled with a dull, yellow smile, you should call 804-526-0231 to schedule a whitening consultation at Thomas G. Schleicher, DDS PLC.