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When you’re looking to fix your smile you have a lot of options from which to choose. Two of the most popular include dental crowns and dental implants.

While you’ll definitely spend some time with Dr. Tom G. Schleicher here at Thomas G. Schleicher, DDS PLC in Colonial Heights, Virginia, going over the options that are best for you and your smile, you’ll likely be left with a few choices. At the end of the day, your smile is your decision.

So let’s help you make the choice between crowns or implants.

Dental crowns are a great option for people who have minor to moderate problems with their teeth. From chips on the tooth surface to cracks or fractures, dental crowns are a great way to immediately change the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. They’ll restore your tooth’s function and feel, and look just like a natural tooth. Crowns are usually the next-best option if you can’t get an implant, or don’t want to go through the implant process.

Dental implants
Dental implants are a bit more of a process than crowns. Implants first involve an assessment of the health of your jaw and gums. If they’re not healthy enough to support the implant, you’ll likely need a crown or partial denture. Next, a titanium post is inserted into your gums, anchored into or just above your jaw bone. Then the post is capped with a ceramic crown that looks, feels, and functions just like a real tooth. In fact, the only people who can tell an implant isn’t real is your dentist!

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