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Do you know how long you’ve had your current toothbrush? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably used the same one for quite some time now. A brush isn’t something we regularly think about replacing.

The truth is, though, that you need a new toothbrush much more often than you’d think. A worn out brush can potentially do more harm than good to your teeth.

So in order to help you keep your teeth as clean as possible, read on to see why you need a new toothbrush.

The bristles are what make your brush an effective cleaning tool. They need to be aligned just right, and they also need to be somewhere between firm and soft. If your bristles are too hard, your gums will get irritated. If they’re too soft, the brush won’t clean. That’s why the brush you get from a dentist is selected so carefully.

Once those bristles are frayed, though, it’s time to get a new brush. Those frayed bristles aren’t removing plaque anymore. Instead, it’s spreading all of that junk around.

We don’t like to think about it, but brushes end up with a ton of bacteria on them – they spend a lot of time in your mouth, after all. If you use the same brush for months, or even more than a year, you could possibly be brushing bacteria onto your teeth.

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